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Event of September

In September we enter the peak period of the rainy season. Despite the rain, Thailand has many places to visit in September, including both natural and cultural sites.
Teawthaionline would like to tell everyone the best places to visit in September – the end of the rainy season and the beginning of Winter.

Bann Pa Biang Bong, Chiang Mai

One of the popular things to do during the rainy season is to visit the rice terraces, and the most famous ones are at Bann Pa Biang Bong, Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai Province. Here the rice terraces cover the high hills. We will be able to see the top rice paddies that have been planted and harvested, September in the morning is most beautiful time to see them. Some days there will be some fog, and with the sun shining in the morning the golden light will strick the dew on the top of the rice leaves. It is a beautiful sight.
Bann Pa Biang Bong is a small hill tribe community in the midst of a high valley near Doi Inthanon. The atmosphere is peaceful and the weather is cool all year round. Accommodation prices are not expensive, but the atmosphere is worth millions.

Khao Kho – Phu Thap Boek, Phetchabun

Khao Kho – Phu Thap Boek are the top travel places in many people’s hearts with the most beautiful mountain attractions during the rainy season. Visitors will experience the beauty of the mountains and the mist, and breathe fresh air.
     Khao Kho in the rainy season is at its most beautiful. The sea of ​​fog floating with the greenery of the mountains and cool air and Phu Thap Boek area is a white mist that will intersect with the green mountain tops and cabbage fields. Whoever comes to visit will be impressed with the 360 ​​degree high view.

Sangkhla Buri, Kanchanaburi

Sangkhla Buri is a small district in the middle of a valley full of beautiful nature and the fascinating culture of Thai-Mon people. It is close to Myanmar.
     The landmark here is the Mon Bridge. The legend of the longest wooden bridge in Thailand where you canl experience the simple and charming lifestyle of the local people. There are more tourist attractions such as The underground city, Wat Wang Wiwekaram, Sangklaburi Walking Street and Nopphibun waterfall.

Phu Soi Dao, Uttaradit

Ban Na Ton Chan is located at Ban Toek, Si Satchanalai District, Sukhothai Province. Here is a community tourist attraction where you will experience a full range of nature and local customs when you stay with people there by homestay. Homestay is popular accommodation there, you can join to learn and do various activities together such as Cycling to see the community way of life in the village, See orchards and fields with green fields on both sides of the road. The atmosphere is relaxing.

Ban Na Ton Chan, Sukhothai

During the rainy season in August – September is the period of “Dok Ngon Nark Flower” in Phu Soi Dao National Park. The flowers will be Blossoming waiting for tourists to visit them. Dok Ngon Nark Flower has many names, such as Nam Kang Glang Tiang (Midday dew). The flowers are either purple, blue, white and pink, which are quite rare.
In the morning the flowers will not bloom yet but they will bloom when the sun shines. In the center of each flower, there is a drop of water. This is the origin of the name Midday dew.
    Dok Ngon Nark Flowers will bloom together till they become a large field in the rainy season. Dok Ngon Nark Flower at Phu Soi Dao Is the largest Dok Ngon Nark Flower field in Thailand.

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