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Event of November

The beginning of winter in Thailand is well worth visiting with festivals and attractions that are waiting for you to bring your family-friends-loved ones to be close to each other for the winter. Where will these many festivals and attractions be? Follow us to see now.

Paying Homang to Phrapathom Chedi.

Phra Pathommachedi or Phra Pathom Chedi is a famous stupa (Buddhist Shrine) in Thailand. The stupa is located in Wat Phra Pathommachedi Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan, a temple in the town center of Nakhon Pathom, Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand. Phra Pathommachedi is the tallest stupa in Thailand. The top of its spire reaches 120.45 meters with the base circumference of 235.50 meters.
The name Phra Pathommachedi means the first holy stupa, given by king Mongkut. Originally the stupa was named Phra Thom Chedi, means the big stupa in ancient Khmer or the royal stupa in Northern Thai language. One of the common misunderstandings about this stupa is that Phra Pathommachedi is the oldest and the first stupa in Suvarnabhumi, an ancient name for Southeast Asia. Modern Historians believe that the stupa was one of the principal stupas of ancient Nakhon Pathom, the largest settlement of Dvaravati culture in the Nakhon Pathom area, together with the nearby Phra Prathon Chedi during the 6th to the 8th centuries.
On the 12th lunar month every year, there are religious ceremonies at Phra Pathom Chedi. In the morning and afternoon, there are Buddhist ceremonies such as making merit and listening to sermons and paying homage to Phra

Sukhothai Loykratong Festival, Sukhothai

This is a famous festival that Thai and foreign tourists enjoy very much. It is a large and unique festival in which tourists will see beautiful light and sound performances at Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai Province. Loi Krathong in the atmosphere of the old town will ensure that everyone will definitely get the impression that they have been transported to medieval Thailand. This year Loy Kratong is on the 2nd – 11th of November.

Thung Bua Tong Forest Park, Doi Mae-u-kho, Mae Hong Son

The flowers are in full blossom only in November and December every year. Those who love beautiful flowers must visit this special place. All the area is painted yellow and a lot of visitors – expecially Thais – are there to see this sight. Some stay over night in tents or the cars to see the sunset and sunrise.

Bo Kaeo Pine Park, Chiang Mai

This area has various types of pine trees that the Department of National Parks has brought from foreign countries. The most pleasant season to visit this part is winter, because in the morning, we will see the mist drifting over the pines with the sun’s rays shining lightly, guaranteeing a beautiful image.

Ko Rok, Krabi

In November the sea water is clear and and it is a perfect time to visit. There are not as many tourists as there are in March – April, so the beaches and other sights are not crowded. We recommended starting at Ko Rok, Krabi, which is known as Queen of the Andaman Sea. Mu Ko Lanta National Park, has fine white sand and water clear like crystal. You can see dozens of small fish and there are still coral reefs around the island. There are also a lot of Sea Anemones, you can dive and see the Anemones like fields of flowers.